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Cautiously Optimistic


Been awhile since I blogged.  I am not particularly good at it, but who really cares?  I do what I want!  I applied for a new job in June and I found out today that they want to offer me a 32 hour a week position.  Which is super fantastic!  I can still work part time at my current job, which is important to me.  I’ll be making decent money also, which is a load off.  I am going into this with the idea that I will fall in love with it, and think with positivity.  Finally feel like I can do all those things I have been wanting to do with my life.  I already signed a year lease to my apartment (which I am not thrilled about), so I can’t move until next year, which blows!  But, my husband and I can get some bills paid down, get the car fixed and put money away for when we do move.  
I wont find out until orientation if there are benefits offered.  I am without insurance and it would be nice to finally get insured.  And it’s pretty good insurance as well, so that’s important.  
My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years without any luck (well, one ectopic pregnancy that was extremely traumatic) and my hope is that I can get a good OBGYN that wont automatically say that my weight is the biggest factor concerning my infertility.  There are a few procedures I’d like done, and I think that will help immensely.  I need to get my giant fibroid in my uterus removed, and would also like to have the endometriosis taken care of as well.  See if that does anything and if not probably move on to talks about IUI’s.  I will not do IVF unless I had a surrogate that has had successful pregnancies before.  It’s much too expensive for something that is not guaranteed.
We have been to adoption seminars.  It’s extremely expensive to adopt and again there is no guarantee that you will ever be ‘picked’ to adopt.  Not to mention my ASD history would probably make me fail any psych tests.  Plus here in wisco birth mothers have up to 30 days to change their minds.  That’s just crazy to me.
We have considered foster care, but that’s after we try and fail for a biological child of our own.
That’s all hedging on if I get insurance or not.  If insurance is off the table I have to find a way to get insured due to the healthcare act.
Optimism isn’t something that comes natural, so it will be something I will be working on to make sure I have a fighting chance at my new job.  I just can’t wait to finally be able to move next year.  I hate this dump and it will be so nice to see my way out of here.  Thanks for reading! Until next time…..I’m out!