Monthly Archives: May 2014

Well that was a waste of time and money!


Okay, so I am terrible at updating.  Gotta put that out there.  So I had my IUI on the 16th of April with hopes that everything was timed right.  Mike had an okay sample…..6.5million postwash.  Seems pretty low to me, but the doc said to go ahead.  Then the dreaded 2 week wait.  I started testing at 9dpo…and got a negative…but then on 10, 11, 12 dpo I had faint lines.  I got my period on 13dpo which is a day early for me.  I feel like my iui should have been done a day sooner, since I must have ovulated sooner than they think.  I can’t afford to do another one til after I move at the end of june. Unless something crazy happens, like I win the lottery!  So I am CD 3 and took my first dose of femara.  Kind of bummed, but in reality not too surprised considering it’s been almost 4 years already….whats a few more months?  I plan on starting to save for IVF….since we are only doing one round of that, I better save a lot!  If all of this doesn’t end up in a baby than we may consider foster care, we may not.  That’s a heavy road to go down also, so nothing is written in stone when it comes to the future.  I guess what I should do, is focus on my weight again and stick with it rather than just give up.  But that’s another post for another day.