Not in the mood


So my hubs and I are going up north this weekend.  According to fertility friend this weekend is my ‘fertile’ time.  We are going to be staying at my sisters, so baby dancing…..aint happening.   So we had a plan that we would baby dance today and then baby dance Sunday night when we got home.  I am just not in the mood.  I don’t want to force myself to have sex to try and get pregnant… anyway.  I took femera this cycle, so I kind of feel like I’m wasting it if I don’t try to baby dance.  But what can I do?  I simply do not want to try and work it into my schedule before I have to go to work at 2p.m.  Maybe when I get home from work I will be ‘in the mood’ but right now….nada, don’t go near my lady parts!  I have yet to get a positive OPK test anyhow. So maybe when we brown chicken brown cow on sunday, it will do the trick.  Who knows, I may not even ovulate this cycle and it would all be for naught.  In others news since I’m still not pregnant and therefore have no ‘big’ news to share.  I have been learning how to do crafts.  I met this girl at work earlier this year and at  first I thought she was a spaz.  She talked about banana trees a lot and was kind of weird.  She knows this, I told her because I don’t feel it’s necessary to talk about people behind their backs.  Well who would have thought we have hit it off now!  I always try to keep an open mind about people even after my first ‘flash’ judgment (you know we ALL have those quick opinions).  So through the months of talking with her, I started to find her more interesting…and a lot like me in a way.  I asked her if she had Asperger’s and she said ‘no’, but I don’t believe her.  She acts too much like me for that to be true.  We have been 2 peas in a pod lately which is awesome because I don’t make friends.  I have people I like, but I very very very rarely make an actual friend.  I chalk that up to my Asperger’s mostly, but I am getting better socially as time goes on.  Back to my friend, she does all things crafts.  You name some thing she will be like ‘I can make all the things!’.  She has been teaching me how to knit and how to do these paracord bracelets, also we have been trying to learn how to make hair bows together (she actually didn’t know how to make them!).  I wear a hair accessory in my hair every day at work (I’m a CNA) with my scrubs and am quite known for it, so I thought it would be awesome to make my own.  So I have been busy, fueling this friendship with my new friend.  Making sure I’m responding to texts, inviting her over and hanging out.  We may be going to work out together after work as well, and that would be amazing.  Working out is boring but when you have a partner then pain is not so bad.  You can be miserable together!  I think I have made a positive impact on her life as well because she was considered a weirdo at work, more people are giving her a chance because I’m giving her a chance.  That may sound ‘conceited’ but there is a reason.  I know I am well liked at work.  I work full time, I am my residents favorite CNA (they tell me, and co-workers tell me as well), I have really let my personality shine through despite always always being reserved in the past.  So I think if people like me, they will in turn like her….a friendship by proxy?  If anybody has dealt with being Autistic, or has an autistic child they will know how big a deal this have a true friend, that accepts you for you.  And I accept her for her, she’s truly interesting 😀  So that’s my spiel for today, just my thoughts about how romantic timed sex is, and my progress towards being a functional Autistic person!


About katsrkewl

I am a 34 year old married woman. I happen to have Asperger's. I love the color orange, I love handbags and I love cats! I have a lot of goals in my life and I feel like I have been at a stasis recently and I am trying to get where I am meant to be; Whatever, and wherever that may lead. My husband and I are also struggling with infertility and those kind of issues.

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