Taking a TTC Break


I have made the conscious decision to stop TTC for now.  I am starting a new adventure in my life and that means getting healthier.  I plan on having gastric bypass surgery in about 6 months and in order to do that I need to really be focusing on my health, fitness, and changing my overall lifestyle.  I’m confident that I will learn a lot over this next half a year, and be able to take this through my life.  Once you have the surgery you have to wait approx.  a year to try and conceive if you want to get pregnant.  That’s obviously to give your body time to adjust to it’s new metabolic system and what not.

I’m doing this so I have a better chance at getting pregnant.  I have been pregnant before and I was a smaller weight.  So why do such a drastic surgery?  Because I’m sick of yo-yo dieting.  I’m sick of losing and gaining hundreds of pounds.  I want to learn the skills to lose the weight and maintain throughout my life.

I am 266 lbs and a lot of people tell me I am not heavy enough for the surgery.  They tell me things like ‘you look fine, you don’t even look that heavy!’  and “why do you want to do that for?  just go on a diet!’   Believe me I know their judgments because I have had them as well.

But since I am 33, only getting older, and have been up and down in weight so many times since I was a teenager, the time is now to put a stop to it, finally change my life and be healthy.  I may not be over 300lbs, but I have back problems, I have gastrointestinal problems, I  don’t sleep well, my whole body aches, I get sick really easy, I’m at risk for diabetes.  Not to mention the outside appearance of myself and not loving my whole self.  I wear a 2x sometimes 3x in scrubs.  I am a CNA and in order to truly be able to do my job longterm, I need to get the weight off.

So for now, even though it pains me to do so, I have to put TTC on the back burner.  Even if losing the weight does not help me achieve pregnancy, at least I will live longer, healthier and be able to grow old with my husband whom I love with all my heart.


About katsrkewl

I am a 34 year old married woman. I happen to have Asperger's. I love the color orange, I love handbags and I love cats! I have a lot of goals in my life and I feel like I have been at a stasis recently and I am trying to get where I am meant to be; Whatever, and wherever that may lead. My husband and I are also struggling with infertility and those kind of issues.

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