Caution, over reaction post haste!


People need to wear signs. Signs that tell you exactly what you can and cannot say to them.  It seems to me that the world in general is getting a little ‘stuffy’ so to speak.  Everything offends somebody, and of course we have to blog about it, or write into the news.  The ‘Right to Feed’ movement is getting ridiculous.  I’m glad you breastfeed but some mom’s cant breast feed.  If I adopted a child…I certainly wouldn’t be able to breast feed said child.  So why do people get so worked up on whether or not their child or someone else’s child gets the breast or takes formula?  I figure either way the child is getting fed, so what’s the harm?  Most of the over reactions I have seen around the media have to do with parenting.  Sometimes I wonder why I still want to be a parent these days.  Seems like parents are just tearing each other down.  The term I believe is ‘sanctimommy’.  Believing your parenting style is superior to another’s.  Or even if you chose natural birth with no drugs….somehow that makes you stronger than someone who chose an epidural.  This world has gotten to the point where we think our opinions are so important, thanks to social media.  There was a word fifty years ago for mothers that ‘tutted’ over the way other mothers would do things.  The word was ‘mother-in-law’.  Seriously, our world is slowly being taken over by a bunch of nightmare mother in laws who can’t be pleased unless everything is done their way.

I’ve noticed this knee-jerk reaction to other topics as well.  I can’t have kids (or if I do…’s the second coming of some diety!).  But if someone wants to ask me if I have kids…or when I’m having kids…..what’s the harm in that?  An article I read on yahoo recently was about a woman who thought getting asked ‘when she was having kids’ was a slap in the face.  I’m just curious as to whether or not she has been slapped in the face (I don’t condone violence just FYI).  This woman took a simple way of getting to know someone and blew it up to be the most heartbreaking thing in her life.  Just relax people!  I guess what I’m saying is what’s the point of living your life offended about everything?  When you are on your deathbed (we all will be at some point) you wont be too worried about whether Jane doe over yonder is breast feeding her child.  When we pass from this earth, we want family, friends, loved ones to be there.  Ease us through that door into the afterlife; whatever that entails.  Calm down, take a breath and ask yourself… this issue really ‘that’ important to me?


About katsrkewl

I am a 34 year old married woman. I happen to have Asperger's. I love the color orange, I love handbags and I love cats! I have a lot of goals in my life and I feel like I have been at a stasis recently and I am trying to get where I am meant to be; Whatever, and wherever that may lead. My husband and I are also struggling with infertility and those kind of issues.

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